Universal G-Tech Balance Connector

The batteries are equipped with a universal G-Tech balance connector, featuring a built-in ID chip. It retains the standard JST male balance connector format, with an additional pin added on the side. This intelligent connector streamlines charging processes and enhances compatibility across a wide range of devices.

Auto Charge Technology

Charging has never been easier. When paired with a G-Tech supported charger, the Auto Charge Technology eliminates the need for manual programming. Simply plug in your G-Tech battery and let our system handle the rest — a true plug-and-play solution.

Advanced Safety Measures

Gens Ace prioritizes your safety. The ID chip in G-Tech batteries stores essential data such as battery chemistry, specifications, and recommended charging parameters. This information is automatically detected by G-Tech supported chargers, preventing user errors and ensuring a secure charging experience.

Universal Compatibility

While optimized for G-Tech supported chargers, the batteries remain universally compatible. You can still charge them with other general chargers, though manual programming is required, similar to traditional LiPo batteries. This flexibility allows you to power up your devices wherever you go. Embrace convenience, reliability, and safety with G-Tech Smart Charging Solution. Upgrade your charging experience today and enjoy seamless power management like never before.

Electronics-Free Design

G-Tech Smart Charging Solution is crafted without complex circuits or electronics, ensuring it won't drain your battery unnecessarily. This streamlined design prioritizes efficiency, preserving your battery's power for when you need it most.