Furitek - Tegu Waterproof 3s Main Board for SCX24 w/ Bluetooth Module

Article number: FUR-2033
Quantity: 1

The difference between FURITEK TEGU Main Board for Axial SCX24 and FURITEK LIZARD esc is that the TEGU has higher BEC value and is capable of running 3s.  The LIZARD comes with lower BEC value than the TEGU and runs on 2s only.

- Built-in ESC FOC 20A, LED controller, Bluetooth (optional)
- Support brushless DC and brushed DC motor (config via app, default is brushless)
- FOC technology for very low speed in crawler mode with brushless motor
- Work with external receiver
- Built in BEC 5V-1.5A
- Super easy to use programing via App on Android and IOS
- Firmware update available
- Real-time telemetry up 10Hz
- Support 2S - 3s liPo

- Voltage support: 2s-3s lipo
- Motor type: Sensorless Brushless DC / Brushed DC
- BEC output: 5V/2A
- Const Current (A): 20A
- Brust Current (A): 40A
- Waterproof: YES


Recommended Motors:
-SCX24 stock motor
-Surpass 2204 1400KV
-Barrage motors
-RGT Motors
-Enduro24 Stock Motor
-CR18 Motor


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