Radiomaster - Radiomaster TX16S SE Open TX Radio Transmitter - Frsky/Futaba S-FHSS

RadioMaster - TX16SE OpenTX Multi Protocal 16ch Transmitter

Article number: HP157-0007
Quantity: 9
The Radiomaster T16SE
  • Built in USB-C Charging.
  • USB-C Data/simulator port.
  • Bigger battery compartment.
  • External SD card slot.
  • 2 X UART ports for updates and DIY.
  • Improved menu navigation with Page back and forward.
  • Better case design with improved grip ergonomics.
  • Better switch quality and placement design.
  • Better sliders with good center feedback.
  • Official OpenTX support.
  • Official Multi-module support.
  • Improved speaker circuit (no noise).
  • Included EPP carry box.
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