The TAYLOR CRAFT 25E was designed from the ground up with the beginner flyer in mind. It is a High-wing aeroplane which is easy to fly and quick to assemble. The airframe is conventionally built using balsa, plywood and veneer to make it stronger than the average ARF, yet the design allows the aeroplane to be kept light. You will find that most of the work has been done for you already. The pushrods are pre-made to the correct lengths, the motor mount has been fitted and the hinges are pre-installed and pinned for security. Flying the TAYLOR CRAFT 25E is simply a joy. This instruction manual is designed to help you build a great flying aeroplane.  Wingspan 62"
Seagull Taylorcraft 25E ARF
The Piper J-3 Cub was the most popular commercial aircraft of the 1930's.  Hangar 9's new .40-size Piper J-3 Cub ARF captures the classic scale lines and smooth flight performance of its grandfather, a full-scale Cub owned by Pat Hartness, whose Triple Tree Aerodrome hosts the annual Joe Nall and Don Lowe Masters RC events.  Constructed from top-quality balsa and lightweight plywood materials and showing off a vibrant Cub Yellow UltraCote scheme, this scale Cub will provide aviation buffs with hours of sport-flying fun.  Wingspan 80"
Hangar 9 .40 size J3 Cub ARF
These are just a few of the models and brands that we carry.  Contact us for more information on the model of your choice.  We can supply also a broad selection of motors, parts, fuel, covering, radio gear and field equipment.
Great Planes Escapade ARF
Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee-in 3D! The U-Can-Do 3D ARF whisks you into incredible 3D maneuverability with almost no effort or waiting! Hovering, knife edge, inverted flight-both traditional and non-traditional flight attitudes are well within its sweeping performance envelope.
* Dual aileron and elevator servos give the strong, quick response necessary for extreme 3D maneuvers.
* Challenges the veteran pilot with the throws maxed-provides the first-time low-wing pilot with a smooth, steady flier with reduced throws.
Wingspan .46 size- 56.75",  .60 size- 65"
Great Planes U-Can-Do .46 or .60 size ARF
Fly it electric or glow! EP motor mount included.
Great Planes Escapade .40 ARF
A pilot may own many planes, but there's always one that stands out as the all-time favorite. And that's what the Escapade was meant to be. Any pilot who's mastered a trainer can fly it with confidence -- and any pilot who's flown it once will want to fly it again. Easy handling and aerobatic performance are two good reasons. Assembly ease and incredible value -- and mounts for both glow and electric power -- make it a hands-down choice now and a take-along favorite anytime.
Wingspan 52.5"
ith such features as AFS (Active Flight Stabilization), SpinControl Airfoil Extensions, SpeedBrakes Training flaps and much more, no other trainer offers so much help for the first-time pilot.  In addition to the airplane, radio, and engine, this package also includes a RealFlight NexSTAR Windows PC disc with transmitter interface to use with the included Futaba radio allowing the modeler to practice and perfect their skills without risking the airplane.

Wingspan .68.75"
Hobbico NexSTAR .46 Select RTF
Hangar 9 .40 J3 Cub ARF
The 40 size Escapade MX combines classic sport engineering with the convenience and flexibility you've come to expect from Great Planes. It builds fast and flies even faster. You can choose either glow or electric power; both deliver spectacular sport performance. The Escapade MX uses commonplace components, and the trim scheme is as eye-catching as it is unique.  Features include fast, easy glue-free assembly and built-up wood construction.

Wingspan 52"
GreatPlanes Escapade MX ARF
yes we know it was designed for EP but a Glow conversion would be sweet!
Seagull Taylorcraft 25E
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