These are just a few of the offerings and brands that we carry.  Contact us for more information on the model of your choice.  We can supply also a broad selection of upgrades, parts, chargers and batteries.
Pulse 15E
Sportsman S
RC Planes Electric
E-Flite UMX Spacewaler EP RTF or BNF
Teach yourself to fly RC airplanes in style with this exciting recreation of Aeronca's beloved tail wheel airplane. Its small size and lightweight, durable construction let you fly with confidence in spaces as small as your own backyard without having to worry too much about crash damage.
Hobbyzone Champ RTF
Teach yourself to fly fearlessly with the Duet™ RTF trainer. Even if you've never flown an RC airplane before, you could be flying in little to no time with Virtual Instructor™ technology. Can be flown in spaces as small as your own backyard in light winds and can even be flown indoors.
Hobbyzone Duet RTF Micro Trainer
Parkzone Night Vapor RTF or BNF
Like the original Vapor, the Night Vapor is slow enough and light enough to fly in a living room, a garage, or your backyard when winds are calm. To this amazing slow flight performance it adds the fun of LED lights and a reflective PET covering that lets you to fly it in the dark.
The E-flite® UMX™ Spacewalker airplane is all about making the pure joy of RC flight possible within the serenity of small spaces-even in your own backyard. Its scale appearance captures the charm and sense of adventure of those who labored over full-size homebuilt airplanes much like it.

E-Flite UMX AS3Xtra BNF
The E-flite UMX™ PT-17 is modeled after the beautiful PT-17 owned by Pat Hartness, founder of the Joe Nall event held at Triple Tree Aerodrome, in South Carolina. Fully assembled right out of the box, you can be ready to fly in the time it takes to charge the battery.

E-Flite UMX PT-17 BNF
E-Flite UMX Pitts BNF
The E-flite® UMX™ Pitts® S-1S airplane makes it possible to enjoy the aerobatic icon of the century in your own back yard. Even more remarkable is how predictable this beautiful bipe handles. That's because its AS3X® system has been custom-tuned to deliver stability when you need it and agility when you want it.
The E-flite® UMX™ AS3Xtra™ 3D aircraft takes Ultra Micro eXtreme to the next level. Constructed of laser-cut flat foam with carbon reinforcement and micro-thin film, this aircraft was specifically engineered to optimize a super-low wing loading, strength and durability plus AS3X® technology.
Parkzone Super Cub S BNF or RTF
The E-flite® UMX™ Carbon Cub SS is a feature-rich scale BNF model that offers an escape-from-the-ordinary performance. Like the full-size Cub Crafters marvel, it's versatile thanks to its high-output brushless power system and fully-functional flaps. Simply a joy to fly, you'll be able to leap from tight spots and cruise the landscape with confidence.
E-Flite UMX Carbon Cub S BNF
The E-flite® UMX™ Habu S DF180 is a high-speed performance jet that's sized to enjoy just about anywhere outdoors. Based on the original UMX Habu, this new ultra micro sport model delivers an unparalleled RC experience.
E-Flite UMX Habu BNF
Hobbyzone Sport Cub S BNF or RTF
This small replica packs an array of impressive features into a convenient ready-to-fly package so you can teach yourself to fly nearly anywhere. With revolutionary SAFE™ technology included, you can instantly return to steady flight with a pull of a trigger in Panic Recovery mode.
The  Super Cub has been one of the most popular trainer aircraft on the market. This slow-flying, three-channel trainer makes adjusting to the sensation of flight an easy process. Horizon  has integrated their revolutionary SAFE™ technology system into the new Super Cub S to make it easier than ever to teach yourself to fly.
E-Flite Carbon-Z Yak 54 BNF
ParkZone's T-28 comes powered with a potent 480 brushless outrunner motor that provides spirited climb and sport aerobatic performance. Its tough Z-Foam™ construction is exceptionally resistant to damage but can be easily repaired with any medium-viscosity CA or epoxy.
Parkzone T-28D Trojan BNF
The ParkZone® Sport Cub park flyer is a fantastic recreation of this aerial adventure machine that will open a new world of possibilities for RC pilots too. Constructed of durable, lightweight Z-Foam™ for light wing loading and superb short field abilities.
Parkzone Sport Cub EP BNF or PNP
Hobbyzone Sportsman S+ RTF
Landing has always been one of the biggest concerns for new pilots, but not anymore. Designed to be as intuitive as possible, the HobbyZone® Sportsman® S+ comes loaded with SAFE® Plus technology which is equipped with advanced attitude awareness and a GPS system.
he Carbon-Z™ Yak 54 is a quantum leap in unlimited aircraft design that uses patent pending Carbon-Z construction. Carbon-Z is as strong and light as wood and gives the Yak 54 the kind of rigidity that allows it to fly with the energy and precision of a larger scale model.
Flyzone Sensei FX EP RTF with WISE
The E-flite® Apprentice® S 15e RTF airplane is the most intelligent RC airplane ever offered by Horizon Hobby. At its heart is groundbreaking SAFE™ (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology that makes RC flight incredibly easy, even for the least experienced user
E-Flite Apprentice S 15E RTF
Flyzone has brought back the deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver as a Select Scale model that'll have you exploring the great outdoors in just minutes. Choose the RTF for its all-in-one convenience, or use your favorite transmitter with AnyLink to pilot the Tx-R version! Comes with wheels and floats
Flyzone DHC-2 Dehavilland Beaver TXR or RTF
Flyzone Switch RTF
With High wing and mid wing in one box!  Once you have mastered the fundamentals with the high-wing basic trainer, move the wings to mid position for more aerobatic maneuvers all with one plane!
The Sensei is everything you could want in an electric trainer. Final assembly time is just a few minutes. The foam airframe is lightweight, durable and repairs easily. And no matter which version you choose - the RTF, Tx-R or Rx-R - you'll have an easy-flying trainer with traditional styling that you'll be proud to take to the field.
E-Flite Ultimate 2 BNF Basic
Until now, the popular Pulse™ design has only been available in balsa construction. With the Pulse 15e, you can now enjoy all the benefits durable Z-Foam™ material delivers. In addition, the Pulse 15e  also gives you the flexibility to choose from tricycle and tail-dragger landing gear both included.
E-Flite Pulse 15e BNF Basic
While the Ultimate biplane made a historic impression with the full-scale community, the RC aerobatic crowd turned the aerobatic sensation into a blockbuster. Its revolutionary lines were unmistakable and the exhilarating performance it offered created a generation of aerobatic thrill seekers.
The E-flite® Carbon-Z® T-28 airplane is a big warbird model with all the benefits that make RC flight fun. Exclusive Carbon-Z construction allows a large airplane such as this to be rigid like a conventional all-wood airframe, yet lightweight so it can have friendly flying characteristics.
The E-flite® Carbon-Z® Cub aircraft is the first to offer patented Carbon-Z strength and rigidity in a giant scale package. Like the full-scale Cub Crafters Carbon Cub SS airplane, this ultra-lightweight model allows gracefully cruising or envelope busting aerobatics.
E-Flite Carbon Z T-28 BNF Basic
E-Flite Carbon Z cub BNF Basic
Brands We Carry
STAUFENBIEL Red Bull F4U-4 Corsair BNF Basic
The Staufenbiel™ Red Bull F4U Corsair 1400mm is a semi-scale replica that features an exquisite level of static detail as well as functional detail installed. Plus, AS3X® technology delivers rock-solid flight performance, right out of the box.
E-Flite Pawnee Brave Night Flyer BNF
The E-flite® Pawnee Brave Night Flyer is a scale park flyer for the intermediate pilot who wants a nimble airplane that can be flown practically any time of day.
E-flite UMX J-3 Cub BNF
The UMX™ J-3 Cub model features authentic detail with a 2S brushless power system to conquer basic aerobatics or just cruise with ease. AS3X® technology makes this ultra micro perform as if it's a giant scale J-3 that's been expertly trimmed.
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E-Flite Spitfire Mk XIV 1.2M BNF Basic
FMS EP B25 Mitchell, Green, PNP,
The FMS B-25D model features the upgraded supercharge radial engines and increased armament and first flew in January 1942. This is a highly detailed and feature rich model with  high power LED Navigational lights, worm drive retracts with gear door sequence controller.
The E-flite® Spitfire Mk XIV1.2m is a full-house park flyer that combines an unmistakable warbird with an impressive features list. An authentic trim scheme, big five-blade propeller, functional four-panel flaps and electric retracts are just a few of finely tuned details.