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Arrma Trucks:
Tough waterproof ready to run RC trucks!  The Arrma line up features tough aluminum chassis and 30+mph speeds thanks to the 15trun brushed motor and they come out of the box Lipo ready!  All models are available in various colors.  We run these trucks ourselves and all we can say is WOW!

  • Aluminum ladder Chassis and alloy front chassis plate.
  • Batteries fit under the chassis-no need to remove body to change batteries.
  • All units are rear wheel with steel drive shafts and axles.
  • High performance 15 turn brushed motor.
  • ATX100 2.4GHz 3-channel radio with receiver.
  • Electronic Speed Control: Waterproof MEGA ESC with LiPo cutoff.
  • Receiver Box: Splash and dust proof.
  • Wheelie bars on brushless models
  • Transmission: Metal gear, brushless ready with slipper clutch,  Machined alloy gears.
  • Differential: Metal planetary gear,oil filled Suspension: Fully independent composite body, oil-filled shocks 
Check out the full specs on Arrma's entire line up at ARRMA-RC.COM
A fresh new look for the ECX 1/10 brushed RTR lineup!  All four vehicles come with a Spektrum DX2E 2.4Ghz DSM transmitter paired to a waterproof Spektrum SR201 receiver. The power system consists of a waterproof 15T Tazer ESC matched to either a 15T (Ruckus/Torment) or 20T (Boost/Circuit) Dynamite brushed motor. Heavy duty driveshafts are also included for those of you who like to push the limits.
The ECX™ Torment™ Short Course Truck; one of the best handling, most durable, beginner-friendly short course trucks ever!
The Boost™ Buggy brings ECX to the streets and the track with Its dependable and race-friendly chassis!
The ECX™ Circuit is built from a durable nylon composite material designed to withstand the abuse of even the most brutal of drivers.
The Ruckus is designed to be reminiscent of a real world-scale monster truck and comes with absolutely everything you need to get started. 
Designed to be the ultimate 1/8-scale electric buggy targeted at the first time R/C car consumer, the ECX™ Revenge Type e™ buggy holds true to the ECX heritage and provides entry-level surface enthusiasts with a rugged and fast, yet affordable 1/8-scale buggy. Built on a bulletproof chassis, the Revenge Type e buggy comes locked and loaded with a 4-wheel drive power system that was developed to handle even the most abusive of drivers, while the Spektrum™ 2.4GHz radio system includes the waterproof SR200 receiver, waterproof electronics and 550-size Dynamite® Fuze™ brushless power system
ECX 1/8 Revenge Type e Brushless Buggy RTR 2.4 Ghz
Associated 1/8 Rival Brushless EP RTR
New from Duratrax, Onyx Brushless Power Systems are perfect for upgrading existing RTR brushless systems, as well as installing in 1/10 and 1/8 scale electric kits - and they're ideal for both buggies and trucks. Onyx offers 1/10 scale systems in five popular kV ratings, including two with 4-pole motors designed for short course trucks. 1/8 scale systems are available in two kV ratings.  Onyz ESC's are waterproof to protect them from the elements, with a protective boot over the power switch.  Bullet connectors are already attached for quick and easy installation - no soldering required!  ESC's are fully programmable for easy tuning to specific driving styles: programmable features include Running Mode, Drag Brake, LVC, Start Power, Brake Force, Reverse Force, Initial Brake, Neutral Width, Timing, Thermal Protection, Motor Direction and LiPo Cells
New Onyx Brushless Systems for 1/10 and 1/8 Surface Applications
Proven tough and reliable, the Evader EXT racing truck platform now also comes so complete, it requires absolutely nothing else — except your skills at the wheel. A 2.4GHz radio system with "AA" transmitter batteries is included. A Photon Speed 2 motor supplies impressive acceleration and top end. It's fully waterproof, with a waterproof receiver box, SX401WP servo and Sprint WP electronic speed control. Charge the supplied 1500mAh Onyx NiMH battery with the accompanying wall charger — and you're ready to power down the track on all-terrain tires right to a first-place finish!
Duratrax Evader EXT2.4  EP RTR 2.4 Ghz
The 1/18-scale Vaterra™ Slickrock™ rock crawler is the most authentic RC rock crawler experience of its size. Its innovative combination of suspension, steering and drivetrain features set it apart from just about everything else in its class.  Comes with: Multi-Link Suspension and Full-Time 4WD, Oversize Steering Servo, Metal Front, Center and Rear Lockers, Licensed 1.9 Interco Super Swamper® Tires  and Waterproof Electronics.
Vaterra 1/18 Slickrock EP Crawler RTR
 No longer do you have to choose between a 1.9 crawler and an off-road buggy. With the Twin Hammers® rock racer, you get the best of both worlds in one bone-crushing vehicle. Easily handle anything you come up against, from jagged rocks to extreme jumps. Just shift the two-speed transmission on the fly and you're good to go. Your next adventure is waiting. And it starts with the Vaterra® Twin Hammers® rock racer.  Each February, hundreds of rock racers compete in a 165-mile-long race through Johnson Valley in California's Mojave Desert. Many call it the toughest off-road race on the planet. Two trails in the race, the Jackhammer and the Sledgehammer, are the most difficult. They're known as the Twin Hammers®—the place where legends are made.
Vaterra 1/10 Twin Hammers Rock Racer EP RTR
Duratrax Evader EXT2.4 EP RTR
waterproof with 2.4 Ghz radio gear!
The Rival Monster Truck is a Ready-To-Run brushless-powered, 4WD monster truck in the Qualifier Series! The Rival features the XP 2.4GHz radio system, a Reedy brushless power system, and two 7-cell 8.4 volt Reedy WolfPack batteries wired with Deans® Ultra Plug® Connectors.   The Rival also features a super long travel independent suspension with eight fluid-filled, adjustable coil-over shocks, giving the Rival the ability to roll over just about anything in its path. Giant aggressive monster truck tires provide traction, letting the Rival claw through the toughest terrain with ease. The 4WD drivetrain includes three sealed gear differentials that transfer the power with steel CVA drive shafts to both ends of the truck.
Team Associate Rival Brushless Monster Truck
ECX Trucks:
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The Entire ARRMA line up features the following:
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Brushless power at an affordable price!
his ready-to-run recreation of the 2012 Nissan GT-R is built on the Vaterra® 4WD V100-S chassis. Its low profile tires and powerful Dynamite motor system let you drive fast and corner hard with incredible control, just like the real thing. And you'll do so in style with attention-getting details like clear headlights, chromed exhaust tips and side-view mirrors.  Rule your little corner of the asphalt jungle with this ready-to-run recreation of the awesome Nissan GT-R touring car. Its 4WD V100-S chassis, low profile tires and Dynamite® motor system let you drive fast and corner hard with incredible control, just like the real thing. And you'll do so in style with attention-getting details like clear headlights, chromed exhaust tips and side-view mirrors.  The V100-S chassis gives you a balanced, neutral handling car with a wide range of tuning options. It also features universal body mounts that are compatible with most other 1/10-scale bodies.
Vaterra 1/10 Nissan GT-R AWD EP RTR
These are just a few of the cars/trucks and brands that we carry.  Contact us for more information on the model of your choice.  We can supply also a broad selection of upgrades, parts, chargers and batteries for your EP vehicle.
Brands We Carry:

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Take to the streets with this incredible RC recreation of the 1967 Ford Mustang. It comes completely assembled and ready to run. Beneath the sleek lines of its officially-licensed fastback body is the power and poise of a Vaterra™ V100-S chassis. Its potent Dynamite® Brushless power system and shaft-driven 4WD provide a perfect blend of speed, traction and control that make this car a blast to drive right out of the box.   Versatile V100-S Chassis,  Officially Licensed 1967 Ford Mustang Body, Shaft-Driven 4WD,  Low Profile Tires on Large Diameter Wheels, Waterproof Electronics.
Vaterra 1/10 '67 Mustang BL AWD EP RTR
The Vaterra Hälix 4WD Brushless Monster Truck represents a new era in performance, speed and stability.  A Dynamite 3300Kv sensorless brushless motor paired to a 2S-3S compatible ESC make this one of the fastest monster trucks available.  Having all that power and not being able maintain control doesn't do you much good.  That is where Spektrum's latest innovation, AVC (Active Vehicle Control) Technology steps in.  The Hälix is the only monster truck that provides you with the ability to take full advantage of it's brushless power system thanks to Spektrum's AVC stabilization system which utilizes sensors to adjust steering and throttle output ensuring the Hälix maintains maximum grip in even the most brutal of driving environments. 
Vaterra Halix Brushless EP RTR with AVC
Building on the excellent reputation of their 2 wheel drive trucks, EXC is offering the Ruckus, Torment and Circuit in new 4wd RTR models!  Beyond being highly capable bashers, these 4WD trucks come Ready-to-Run with a Spektrum™ DX2E 2.4 GHZ radio system and waterproof receiver for extended range and interference-free operation. Also included are 4 AA batteries to power the DX2E as well as a 2400maH 7-cell battery and 2.0 amp peak charger.  Finally, a budget minded 4x4 line that offers quality service and parts from a brand name you can trust!.
1/10 ECX Circuit, Ruckus and Torment 4wd EP RTR
EXC Ruckus Brushless