Site update Feb 2012: I continue to be optimistic about expanding the scope of this site but unfortunately my focus has been elsewhere.  The site was down for the past week while being migrated to a new host but we are back on line providing information to beaver builders.  if you have information you would like to contibute please dont hesitate to contact me through PM on, username bob_suruncle.   Be sure to check out this thread on RC groups for a great beaver build using foam sheet

This site is a compilation of information gathered both from the authors own experience building and flying Semi Scale and Scale Electric models of DHC-2 Beavers Much of the early information is geared specifically towards the GWS EP powered foam Beaver and includes information gathered from other people both on personal websites and throughout a number of threads on including the long running thread:
Canada's Latest Beaver.

Special thanks to all the folks on the "Canada's Latest Beaver" thread as without them much of the information on this website would not be possible.

The GWS DHC2 Beaver is a wonderful foam ARF park flyer that many of us have come to love as a gentle slow flying electric RC airplane model

The information in these pages is designed to help new builders find answers to the most common build and set up questions  without having to search through archives on the RCGroups or using endless Google searches.  Most recent additions include build information and links for other EP powered options for the Dehavilland Beaver

This site is a work in progress and as new and better build ideas are introduced I will include them here.  If you would like to contribute please contact me by PM on RCGroups; my username is bob_suruncle.

Now onto the build information!
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