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Ready To Run and Detailed. Features: air hoses, windshield wipers, grab irons, coupler lift bars, operating headlight, window glass, can motor, flywheels, nickel silver wheels with RP25 flanges and knuckle couplers. Analog (DC) version features NMRA 8 & 21 pin plug for DCC, DCC/Sound version features LokSound Select Dual-Mode decoder which allows locomotive to be used on DC as well as on DCC layouts.
Bowser S-12 DCC and Sound HO
Coming Feb 2014
World Class Products With Home Town Service
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Recent Arrivals:
HO C630M with DCC and Sound!
Team Associate 1/8 Rival EP
Brushless with Lipo!

Learn to fly!  With the Apprentice S 15e with S.A.F.E. Technology

The simple way to program, read & reset DCC addresses!   We have heard it time and time again from our customers. Programming DCC addresses is a hassle and only a small percentage of hobbyists can actually perform this essential task.  BLI to the rescue!  They have  developed the Address Changer. This standalone device is specifically designed to make DCC address programming, reading and resetting a breeze!  Preorder now as these are built to order.
BLI Address Changer for DCC Decoders
Coming Soon
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The new Athearn GP40-2W and -2L continues the Genesis prototype specific line of EMD Geeps.  This first release includes standard cabs, Canadian comfort cabs and for the first time ever "L" cabs!  The new GP40's come DCC ready or with Tsunami Sound on board.  Roadnames include CN, GO and more.
Athearn Genesis GP40-2W or 2L DCC and Sound HO
Coming Soon:
Built to exceed the need, the ECX Ruckus will now be available with brushless power and a reinforced metal gear set!  The Ruckus will tear through any neighborhood or backyard with ease and because of its bulletproof chassis and extremely durable powertrain, maintenance is a breeze. The included Spektrum™ 2.4Ghz transmitter and SR201 receiver provides extended range and interference free operation while the potent Dynamite® Tazer 3300kv 4-Pole Brushless Motor motor gets the truck up to speed quickly. Thanks to the waterproof Spektrum SR201 receiver and electronics, the Ruckus can handle anything Mother Nature or the terrain throws its way with ease.

Electrix Ruckus Brushless RTR
The ECX™ Torment™ Short Course Truck has been one of the best handling, most durable, beginner-friendly short course trucks since its debut. The Torment adds in features aimed right at the first-time RC driver to make sure you are successful and have a great time. The motor has been upgraded to a Tazer 3300kv 4-Pole Brushless Dynamite® Motor motor, increasing both acceleration and top speed. Torment is up to the task with waterproof electronics. and  heavy-duty driveshafts, designed to transfer power from the slipper clutch-equipped transmission to the Dynamite SpeedTreads™ tires.

Electrix Torment Brushless RTR
Teach yourself to fly fearlessly with the Duet™ RTF trainer. Even if you've never flown an RC airplane before, you could be flying in little to no time with Virtual Instructor™ technology. Designed by Quique Somenzini, world renown pilot and designer, this airplane can be flown in spaces as small as your own backyard in light winds and can even be flown indoors. With everything included in one box, the Duet airplane leaves nothing standing in the way of you learning to fly.  Click on the image to the left for video and more information.

20.6" wingspan  (note:  NOT DSM Compatible)
Hobbyzone Duet RTF Micro Trainer
The 40 size Escapade MX combines classic sport engineering with the convenience and flexibility you've come to expect from Great Planes. It builds fast and flies even faster. You can choose either glow or electric power; both deliver spectacular sport performance. The Escapade MX uses commonplace components, and the trim scheme is as eye-catching as it is unique.  Features include fast, easy glue-free assembly and built-up wood construction.

Wingspan 52"
GreatPlanes Escapade MX ARF
If you already have RealFlight, you don't have to purchase a complete edition of RF7 to enjoy the latest advances in the world's #1 R/C flight simulator. All you need is this upgrade disk and the controller that came with your older version of compatible RealFlight software.  After the upgrade, you'll enjoy the same familiar, unchanged controller functions that you always have - plus RF7's exciting new features for faster setup, easier customizing, and more fun!  The latest version comes in 3 versions:  Option 1: InterLink Elite Controller Editio, Option 2: Transmitter Interface Edition includes a small Interface box that allows pilots to use their existing RC transmitter or Option 3: Tactic Tx-R Radio Edition
Realflight 7.0 Flight Simulator
Coming VERY Soon!
The Vaterra Hälix 4WD Brushless Monster Truck represents a new era in performance, speed and stability.  A Dynamite 3300Kv sensorless brushless motor paired to a 2S-3S compatible ESC make this one of the fastest monster trucks available.  Having all that power and not being able maintain control doesn't do you much good.  That is where Spektrum's latest innovation, AVC (Active Vehicle Control) Technology steps in.  The Hälix is the only monster truck that provides you with the ability to take full advantage of it's brushless power system thanks to Spektrum's AVC stabilization system which utilizes sensors to adjust steering and throttle output ensuring the Hälix maintains maximum grip in even the most brutal of driving environments. 
Vaterra Halix Brushless EP RTR with AVC
The new 1/8th scale Kraton Monster Truck and Typhon Buggy represent the first in ARRMA's new Speed Class line-up.  This new brushless 2.4ghz truck is designed for 6 cell Lipo for ultimate speed!  Features included a waterproof radio box, aluminum motor mount,  aluminum sero horns for fast, responsive steering and a waterproof, 180A ESC with automatic setup.
1/8 Arrma Kraton RTR EP Brushless 4wd Monster Truck
The new 1/8th scale Kraton Monster Truck and Typhon Buggy represent the first in ARRMA's new Speed Class line-up.  This new brushless 2.4ghz truck is designed for 6 cell Lipo for ultimate speed!  Features included a waterproof radio box, aluminum motor mount,  aluminum sero horns for fast, responsive steering and a waterproof, 180A ESC with automatic setup.
1/8 Arrma Typhoon RTR EP Brushless 4wd Monster Truck
Coming Summer of 2014
Coming Summer of 2014
The Losi® LST XXL™ 2 takes the proven LST platform and adds an innovative .31 cubic inch gasoline engine, the AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) driving system and a whole lot more. Losi's LST XXL 2 occupies a class of its own with waterproof electronics, ultra-durable suspension and oversized shocks all of which is built on the trusted XXL extended chassis. The driving capabilities of the LST XXL 2 are complimented by the AVC technology system which automatically adjusts the driving characteristics so you can drive faster with more control. Gasoline fuel and the included roto-start system ensures the LST XXL is only seconds away from starting.
1/8 Losi LST XXLRTR Gas 4wd Monster Truck
Coming Summer of 2014
Building on the excellent reputation of their 2 wheel drive trucks, EXC is offering the Ruckus, Torment and Circuit in new 4wd RTR models!  Beyond being highly capable bashers, these 4WD trucks come Ready-to-Run with a Spektrum™ DX2E 2.4 GHZ radio system and waterproof receiver for extended range and interference-free operation. Also included are 4 AA batteries to power the DX2E as well as a 2400maH 7-cell battery and 2.0 amp peak charger.  Finally, a budget minded 4x4 line that offers quality service and parts from a brand name you can trust!.
1/10 ECX Circuit, Ruckus and Torment 4wd EP RTR
Coming Summer of 2014
he DX6 has been designed from the ground up to deliver way more than you would ever expect from a 6-channel transmitter in its price range. Instead of having to content yourself with a handful of settings for a couple of model types, the remarkably affordable DX6 gives you an abundance of programming features for airplanes, helicopters and sailplanes. You also get other extras like voice alerts, a wireless trainer link and enough internal memory for up to 250 models.
New Spektrum DX6 Transmitter
Coming Summer of 2014
The ArtiZan is a nimble, grab-and-go sport plane that's perfect for exploring aerobatics. The Bind-N-Fly® version comes equipped with a Spektrum™ receiver featuring a built-in AS3X® (Artificial Stabilization 3aXis) system.  AS3X system works behind the scenes to counter the effects of wind and turbulence using a combination 3-axis sensing and exclusive flight control software resulting in a locked-in feel that lets you focus more on the fun of flying and less on fighting the wind.  You can adjust the amount of stability the AS3X system provides or turn it off completely, Anyone with experience flying a ParkZone warbird or civilian scale model will feel right at home the first time on the controls.  42.5" Wingspan
Parkzone Artizan EP BNF or PNP
Coming Summer of 2014
The  Super Cub has been one of the most popular trainer aircraft on the market. This slow-flying, three-channel trainer makes adjusting to the sensation of flight an easy process. Horizon  has integrated their revolutionary SAFE™ technology system into the new Super Cub S to make it easier than ever to teach yourself to fly. With SAFE technology, pilots can fly the Super Cub S in three flight modes and have the option to use the intuitive panic button at any time to return the Super Cub S to steady flight at the push of a button. The Super Cub S RTF includes a Spektrum™ DX4e 4-channel 2.4GHz DSMX® transmitter which can also be used with other RC aircraft.
Hobbyzone Super Cub S EP RTF or BNF
Coming Summer of 2014
Advancing from a beginner heli to an intermediate flybarless heli has never been more seamless than with the 200 SR X. The Blade® 200 SR X is the first fixed pitch heli to employ SAFE™ technology. SAFE technology helps to facilitate the learning process with beginner, intermediate and experienced flight mode options with varying amounts of bank limiting and advanced stability characteristics. SAFE technology enables a panic button that can automatically return the 200 SR X to steady flight with the push of a button. This durable heli  is complimented by brushless main and tail motors, 800mAh 3S 30C LiPo flight battery, 3-Cell LiPo AC Powered balancing charger and 2.4ghz DSMX radio gear
Blade 200 SRX EP RTF Heli
Coming Summer of 2014
Looking for the ultimate in sport quadcopter performance, look no further! The 200 QX is the little brother of the 350 QX and was designed with power in mind so you can not only carry a payload, but can have a blast with aerobatics too.

The 200 QX is the perfect blend of power and functionality, making it one of the most fun-to-fly products we've designed to date. Everything from the translucent body with internal lighting to the incredible power, the 200 QX is sure to please everyone who gets their hands on it!
Blade 200 QX BL
Coming Summer of 2014
The Blade® engineers are taking their knowledge of heli design to the aerial video market with the 350 QX. This highly capable quadcopter features dynamic flight modes that enable stable video capture from an included GoPro®-compatible camera mount. With the 350 QX, novices and experts alike can get involved in this exciting hobby with Ready-to-Fly and Bind-N-Fly® models available upon release.

*Designed for use with GOPRO® products. GOPRO® is a registered trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries.
Blade 350 QX AP Combo RTF
Coming Summer of 2014
The DX4C DSMR™ 4-Channel AVC™ surface radio system puts the precision of a programmable 2.4GHz radio and the amazing stability of AVC (Active Vehicle Control™) technology well within the reach of the most budget conscious driver. The Spektrum SRS4210 combines the superb range and signal of security of a 4-channel DSMR receiver with patent-pending AVC technology in a single, compact unit. It's waterproof too. When you're driving, the built-in AVC technology calculates your vehicle's attitude and makes instantaneous corrections to steering and throttle so it stays precisely on the trajectory you command. The amount of steering and throttle stability provided can be adjusted based on skill level.
Blade 350 QX AP Combo RTF
Coming Summer of 2014